Quality is Principle

We go to great lengths to ensure our products exceed both industry and customers expectations. We achieve the highest level of quality through the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, quality and process controls and a company culture that empowers employees.

CAD Software

  • Virtual simulation of the complete machining process
  • Identifies potential product flaws that may inhibit design and/or performance
  • Reduces amount material scrap
  • Minimize NCR’s
  • Increases productivity

Quality and Process Control

  • True understanding of customers requirements and specificationsTraining
    • Continued education
    • Process refinements
  • Inspections
    • First article
    • Multiple in-process
    • Final inspection
  • Maintain material tractability

Company Culture

Regardless of position or title within the company, every employee is empowered to raise the alarm should they notice anything that would impact the quality of product, success of the project or jeopardize safety.  This is encouraged and is part of our company culture

  • Clear reporting structure
  • Team meetings
  • Education
  • Accountability